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Er wordt ook wel gezegd dat guaraná na een vermoeiende training het lichaam helpt te zuiveren van melkzuur en op die manier voor meer energie" zorgt 1. Guaraná is echter ook een vochtuitdrijvend middel. Een eventueel neveneffect van guaraná is, dat wanneer het middel uitgewerkt is, men zich vermoeid voelt.
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guaranine guarana Paullinia cupana. monitor BP: combo may incr. risk of HTN additive effects. guaranine guarana Paullinia cupana. avoid guarana 12h before regadenoson use: combo may decr. regadenoson vasodilatory effects due to caffeine in guarana antagonistic effects. guaranine guarana Paullinia cupana.
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This might be a marketing thing guaranine sounds more exotic and carries none of caffeine's' negative undertones. Daev 2329, 17 Jun 2005 UTC. ChemId and ACS guaranine caffeine edit. Guaranine is not any more the mixture that it was for von Martius.
Is guaranine the same as caffeine? Quora.
These other alkaloids arent as potent as Caffeine, and theres not as much understanding of them, but they do seem to have other psychoactive effects which may explain why people who cant handle Coffee are pefectly fine with Tea, as an example. As near as I can tell, Guaranine is a made-up name describing the specific combination of alkaloids found in beverages made with Guarana.
What is GUARANINE? definition of GUARANINE, Psychology Dictionary.
A compound very similar to caffeine of methylxanthine. It contains a high percent of caffeine and a lesser amount of the active ingredient in tea. Used as a stimulant and to suppress appetite. GUARANINE, Guaranine" is a stimulant containing caffeine."
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It contains extra glucose and guaranine which has a similar effect to caffeine and each bar has 320 calories. New Cadbury bar a real pick-me-up. But they don't' tell you that the herb guarana contains chemicals almost identical to caffeine, called guaranine.
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The fatal dose has been estimated at 10 grams of pure caffeine / guaranine taken at once. Guarana seeds contain maximal 10% caffeine, so when you would swallow at least 100 grams guarana seeds at once, things start to look ugly.

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